I make decorative pottery, milagros and ex-votives in glazed and painted finishes.

We (my wife Francie) are featured in the July/August 2011 issue of Inside Northside Magazine. Click here to take a look.

My formal art training was in painting but my interests quickly incorporated pottery and I actively pursued both separately for years.  My new work fuses those interests into one statement. The traditional pottery techniques allow me to design and make the ceramic canvases that later come to life with glazed and/or painted surfaces of mixed media.  The pottery is usually wheel thrown with minor hand building techniques in a series of related concepts involving shape, texture and applied decoration with some vague idea of how to decorate them with color. The throwing phase usually lasts long enough that by the time I get to the painting I have forgotten what I originally intended or have gotten excited about some new idea.  In any event, I am usually beginning to “panic” about that time and end up working in a wildly extemporaneous manner.  This leads to many accidental discoveries which further the creative process and affects each successive work.  This results in one-of-a-kind expressions in a conglomeration of all my artistic experiences.
Every piece of pottery that I make generates from clay or slip (liquid clay) that has been mixed in my studio. I have begun to think of this clay and slip as a source of energy which I enhance with special additions, including holy water and fountain from our favorite churches and fountains in Rome, and holy dirt from the shrine of Chimayo in New Mexico.   I also added the ashes of ribbon that I got from the trash can in the apartment where John Lennon and Yoko Ono were living on Bank Street in New York City, when they were fighting extradition to England in the ‘70’s.  Also included are the ashes of ticker tape from the John Glenn ticker tape parade in New York. I think of my pottery as a reliquary of positive energy.
This one of a kind work has been designed and hand made of clay which has been bisque fired and glazed or painted with non-fired mixed media including pigments with metallic particles which are then washed with acids to produce the unusual patinas.

M.F.A Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
B.F.A. University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA


Southern Avenue, Covington, LA

Mignon Faget, New Orleans, Baton Rouge

Perino’s, Metairie, LA

Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, LA

Rug Chic, Mandeville, LA

Muse, Lafayette, LA

The Queen Bee, Baton Rouge, LA

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2011   InsideNorthside Magazine, July/August

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1993    WYES-TV 12, Art Collection 12 Winner, New Orleans
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Alice Walton, Bentonville, AR
New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA
Pan American Life Insurance, New Orleans, LA
Aquarium of the Americas Collection, New Orleans, LA
University of Southwestern Louisiana Collection, Lafayette, LA
Lauren Rogers Museum, Laurel, MS
Meridian Museum, Meridian, MS
Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL
Ann Barnett, New Orleans, LA
Arthur Roger, New Orleans, LA
William Fagaly, New Orleans, LA
John Bullard, New Orleans, LA
John Ed Bradley, Mandeville, LA
Dr. Nia Terezakis, New Orleans, LA

Mignon Faget, New Orleans, LA

Jayne and Patrick McMath, Covington, LA
Jill Champagne, Covington, LA


2000    Louisiana State Department of Tourism Award
1994    WYES TV, New Orleans, LA Patron Artist
1990    Graham Resources, Covington, LA Corporate Christmas Gifts
1989    Burger King, St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA Architectural decoration, 26 styrofoam plaques, Ron Domis, Architect (no longer exists)
1986    Tulane University School of Business, New Orleans, LA Architectural decoration, 111 cement plaques, Concordia Architects

1985    Howard and Ann Barnett, New Orleans, LA Residential architectural decoration, 2 column capitals, clay, Concordia Architects

1981    Louisiana Nature and Science Center, New Orleans, LA Ceramic tile floor entrance for Mississippi River Delta Exhibition


St. Tammany Art Association, Covington, LA
New Orleans Academy of Art, New Orleans, LA
Museo Casa Lopez Portillo, Guadalajara, Mexico
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Mignon Faget, New Orleans, LA
Gulf/South Gallery, McComb, MS
Meridian Museum of Art, Meridian, MA
University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA
Galerie Simonne Stern, New Orleans, LA


Contemporary Reliquaries: Housing the Momentos of Our Day, Northern Arizona University Art Museum/Flagstaff / Brigham Young University Auditorium Gallery at the    Harold B Lee Library, Provo, UT

Offerings: Votives, Retablos and Milagros, The Outsider’s Studio Collective, Livingston Manor, NY
The Best in Contemporary Clay, Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Galveston’s Salute to New Orleans, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX
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